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MacGillivray Freeman Films Education Foundation works in collaboration with individuals, companies, non-profit organizations, and educational and cultural institutions in the production of its projects. There are innumerable relationships that can be forged with the MFF Educational Foundation as we pursue our conservation-related films and their educational curricula and programs.

Donate Here!Often, we develop projects with institutions that have expertise in areas related to the subject of a proposed film.  For example, Audubon Nature Institute, the Executive Producer for Hurricane on the Bayou was an excellent resource for information and associated experts on Louisiana’s wetlands.  Our Foundation worked with Hamline University’s Center for Global Environmental Education on a Water Stewardship Initiative for Grand Canyon Adventure 3D.  Polar Bears International wrote the Curriculum Guide to accompany To The Arctic 3D.  It was funded by Earthshine Foundation in Southern California. Likewise, educational materials are conceived and produced with the expert participation of researchers and educators who work in relevant areas of study.

We also enjoy relationships with entities or individuals that wish to support our endeavors through financial contributions. The parameters of this type of participation are wide-ranging. For example, a film can be largely funded by a group or individual passionate about a subject; or an individual donation of a more modest amount can assist with educational projects accompanying the film.


We are looking for partners for our upcoming 3D films and outreach programs about the world’s ocean and for Dream Big:  Engineering Wonders of the World. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us to learn how we can help you advance your own mission.

Why Should You Become Our Partner?

1. Supporting the films produced by our foundation means you are supporting a vital social cause (such as conservation), and such support makes the sponsor or donor look extraordinarily generous and far-sighted.  That is a good identity to have, especially if you are a company operating in a highly competitive market and looking for a competitive edge.
2. When corporations or benefactors support a film produced by the Foundation, they are minimizing their risk because no one else in this industry has anywhere near the record of continuous success and accomplishment over 40 years that MacGillivray Freeman Films (MFF) has.  MFF serves as an advisor to the Foundation, which benefits greatly from MFF’s long-term experience and expertise.
3. When you support one of our films, you are getting involved in one of the most cutting edge and innovative areas of film production. At the same time, this is an area that is uniquely family friendly. When a family goes to their local IMAX® theatre to see an educational giant screen film, they are guaranteed a wholesome, fascinating, educational and fun learning experience—a visceral learning sensation that is unmatched in any other theatre.
4. Partners want audiences and they deserve results….The important thing is to make films that are both educational and entertaining. When partners see that it is possible to produce a highly popular film that carries a powerful educational message, they are eager to support such film projects.
Greg MacGillivray on location in Raja Amput.
Greg MacGillivray on location in Raja Amput for Journey to the South Pacific.

Humpback Whales 3D will preniere in 2015.
Humpback Whales 3D premiered in February 2015.
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