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Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to explore, discover and appreciate anew their connection to the natural world, to the cultural histories that shape our communities, and to the world society at large.  The cornerstone of the Foundation’s philosophy is the belief that lifelong learning is critical to an individual’s development and important to a society’s wellbeing.  It is our goal that the films and educational programs offered by the Foundation will galvanize people across the globe to become bold and passionate ambassadors for positive change in our world.

Our Goals

Produce giant screen films that teach, inspire and amaze.
Working with partner museums, theatres, educators, intellectuals, visionaries, environmentalists and humanitarians from around the world, we will develop and channel our creative and technical resources toward the production of films that advance the Foundation’s mission and that appeal to broad, diverse audiences.  
Create innovative outreach programming accompanying the Foundation’s giant screen films that create meaningful and measurable change in public attitudes and behaviors.
We will create innovative, educational programming for adults, families, communities and decision-makers while helping museums and theatres strengthen connections to their communities.
Implement programs for educators, students and disadvantaged youth.
In an effort to galvanize educators, students and disadvantaged youth to become ambassadors for positive change in our world, we will design programs that aim to transform a participants' view of themselves and the world.
To The Arctic Poster
TO THE ARCTIC received the giant screen industry's highest honors in 2012 for "Best Film Short Subject" and "Best Film for Lifelong Learning."
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